How to quickly contact you

You can find us as soon as possible through private messages in the Instagram backend. Of course, if you are accustomed to using email, you can also use email: (Usually check email information every 3 days)

How long will it take for my goods to be delivered to me.

Generally speaking, we have some styles in stock, but for some GB products, we may need to compile orders and produce them uniformly (with a construction period of about 15 days, usually completed in advance) before shipping. Of course, we will definitely complete the shipment as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support. Due to customization reasons, some may be slower. Please contact us for inquiries or check the GB introduction.

Can I return my item? How should I protect my rights?

Of course, you can return the goods. If there are really quality issues with the goods, you can even contact us for a refund (keep the goods)
However, if it is GB customized goods, returns and refunds are not possible because they are made based on statistical quantities. We hope everyone understands. We have been using it for 8 years without receiving any customer complaints or resolving any issues in the end, and we are very grateful for everyone's trust in us.

Can the product be repaired or replaced?

No problem, we will provide post sale feedback depending on the situation. For example, if some products are damaged by human factors, we can help you replace them with new ones (postage needs to be borne by yourself)

How do I track my package.

After shipping, we will fill in the shipping tracking number and query the website's backend order. You will receive an email notification, or you can contact us through Instagram and we will help you search. In fact, we pay attention to package information every day, so even if you don't check, we will still keep an eye on this issue for you.

What if you have any other questions or suggestions?

Please contact us, as we are a studio unit, we will quickly correct and optimize some good opinions and issues. We really appreciate the support of our friends over the years, and we will humbly accept all different opinions and issues

Email: bob