bobkeycaps was founded in 2016. We have been actively researching and developing keyboard peripheral products. From the beginning to the end, I was basically the only one in the studio. Other friends also joined me, but later they all left due to some reasons. We moved together. After 4 working places, I am now the only one running it. I hope I can keep my hobby going.


From the initial manual carving of stones, to later 3D printing assistance, research and development of CNC titanium alloy processing, and now back to manual carving and the use of multi-color modeling and casting, I have been constantly trying new things. There will definitely not be a fixed process in the future, because we are always learning and innovating.

Our goal

I hope to maintain this hobby forever, even if no one buys what I make, as long as I am happy. In May 2024, I invited some domestic authors to join my website. I hope this is a new beginning and can bring more surprises.